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Getting Through Writers Block.

Is it fear, or is it our own minds that get lost in all the possibilities of the future, forcing us to procrastinate? You hear all these ways to overcome writers block or how to avoid it. This isn't one of those tales.

I accompany all types of procrastination into the scope that is Writers Block. I even named a TV series I'm working on after it. Any time I feel that urge to jump to another project, I think of this. The struggle of day after day working a dead end job hoping for your "big break" is a pain I think we can all understand.

The measure of success you have is all down to your own view. Once you reach your goal, you create another goal further down the line. So success isn't something that can realistically be achieved or maybe just sustained.

However, it can be if you change your view. I want you to think right now. Think of the past year, the past 2, or even 3. Now think of where you are now. Is it better? Worse? Most of the time the answer is better, because we grow and evolve over time.

Last year I was still at the same job I am now. No car, no relationship and only a spark of hope remaining. Two years ago I didn't even have a real job. I worked with my dad and hating my stalled life. Over the past year I have grown. Got into a relationship, financed a car with my savings and tried (and failed) leaving my job and sending my writing out to a manager.

Even though some of what I just said may sound like a failure. It's actually a success to me, or I'm trying to convince myself that. When you think about it though, it's all again about your view.

It's been 6 months or so since I've gotten into the groove of writing again and I hope today changes that. So in conclusion, I haven't gotten over Writers Block or eliminated it at all. I've gone through it and see the other side.


So if you want advice, here it is. Don't burn yourself out, take the time you need and when you're ready, work through it. Success in this life isn't everything there is. Enjoy what you can.

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